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The Quarantainment Series 2021

Have entertainment in the quarantine! The Quarantainment Series (TQS) is a series of online events held by ABSA Network and student organizations during the month of Ramadan.

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ABSA Network would like to present the second online Ramadan programming: The Quarantainment Series (TQS 2021)! While we may be stuck indoors, we invite you to join us virtually on the holy nights of month of Ramadan for engaging sessions by college students across North America, featuring discussions on Islamic teachings, mental health, social activism, and more! Sessions will start at 10 pm EDT (7 pm PDT) and run till 11 pm EDT (8 pm PDT), beginning with 5 minutes of Quran recitation.

The Quarantainment Series 2021, Ramadan of 1442!

Program details

May 6th: Calligraphy in Islamic-Iranian Architecture

Calligraphy in Islamic-Iranian Architecture Description: Since Islamic art does not portray animals and figures, calligraphy becomes an essential means of decoration and a highly creative art form. Iranian architects beautifully blended this form of art into their buildings and illustrated a world where everything is sourced from the holy words.

May 7th: Ramadan De-Stressor

Join TMA UTSC for a fun and relaxing de-stressor event to kick-start the summer. We will be having games, quizzes and prizes!

May 8th: Balance Not Bans: Building the Psychosocial Foundations of Hejab

The principle of hijab in Islam has historically been a globally scrutinized issue. Across various sociological levels, including governmental and legal systems; cultural and religious communities; educational systems; and interpersonal and family interactions, the observance of hijab has been a contentious issue that impacts the psychosocial well-being of not only Muslim women but the Muslim ummah as a whole. A primary reason many people experience difficulties in navigating the ideological tenets of hijab is that the concept has typically been framed in a strictly jurisprudential, legal, or otherwise worldly matter. In this talk, I will explore the psychosocial consequences of framing the essence of hijab primarily through a physical/worldly vs. a divine/sacred lens. This will entail building on - and critiquing - a number of psychological theories in service of arriving at a theory of understanding hijab at a fundamentally spiritual and divine level, which in turn can afford a host of tangible psychosocial benefits for its observers.

May 9th: The Speaking Quran

A speaker event about thaqalayn (quran and Ahlulbayt) but will try to have an engaging dimension as well.

May 10th: TQS Closure Session

Closing lecture by Maulana Abidi. Announcing the winners of the Iftar Challenge.

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