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Executive Board 2020 Registration

ABSA Network Executive Board (EB) of 2019 is accepting applications for the next EB. The new EB will serve in the 2020-21 school year.

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May 15, 2020

Thank you for your interest in ABSA Network Executive Board (EB) 2020-21! We will be accepting applications between May 17th to May 30th and plan to announce the new board near the beginning of June. The descriptions of each board position can be found below.

Please fill out the questions below to tell us about yourself and your motivations for applying. If your application is approved, we will contact you for an online interview with current EB members. Please note, the position of President is open for applications but has extra criteria. To apply for President, you must exhibit having served as a Vice President or President of a Student Organization and be able to speak on this experience. Ultimately, this position is decided by the Advisory Council of ABSA Network.

While this form is for applying for Executive Board, please stay tuned for more opportunities to be involved such as opportunities to serve on the various teams and projects. If you would like to show interest for a team/project, please email us at info at absanetwork.com or fill out the Volunteer form.

EB Positions

Vice President

  • Works with President to accomplish any tasks ABSA Network needs help with
  • Manages the Internal Team
  • Leads EBoard meetings and makes agenda


  • Monitors all financial activity
  • Manages financial matters of ABSA Network with donators
  • Keeps track of all reimbursement forms for expenses
  • Monitors grants given to ABSA branches

Networking Chairs

  • Maintains connections with ABSA branches throughout North America
  • Develop and maintain regional ambassador system
  • Main contact people for ABSA branches
  • Helps develop new organizations

Public Relations Chair

  • Manages PR Team content for the social media accounts. Divides and assigns different accounts to team members along with content guidelines per platform.

In-House Designer

  • Works with Public Relations team to create graphics for social media accounts
  • Creates all graphics needed for ABSA Network
  • If asked, can help individual SOs with graphics (SOs must submit a request)

Website Coordinator

  • Maintains and updates the ABSA Network website

Oops! Registration is Closed!



May 15, 2020

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