Ahlul-Bayt Student Association Network (ABSA Network)

About Us

Who We Are?
Ahlul-Bayt* Student Association Network (ABSA Network) is a ‘virtual convention venue’ for student organizations which follow the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt (Peace be upon Them) on college and university campuses all over the world, especially from across North America. The base of ABSA Network will be a collection of student organizations aimed to have an umbrella body to cover and connect them all in one place will lead them to work synergistically through the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt (as).


Most campuses are altogether deprived of such student-led access to the teachings of the Ahl ul-Bayt (PBUT). That is why this website is intended to motivate student bodies on campuses with or even without ABSA-equivalent organizations to come together and found one of their own. This can help those seeking faith-inspired activities or the feeling of belonging to a faith-based collective. Last but not least, we want to promote efforts that seek to inform campus communities and society at large of the true, merciful aspect of Islam.


Our immediate objective, therefore, is to reach out to the existing student organizations and help them network with one another as well as develop a disciplined and up-to-date awareness of these ongoing but often isolated and asynchronous activities through the virtual space of this website. Therefore, ABSA Network will create a platform for students to hear what others are doing in their universities and how our communities can become aware and engaged in Islamic activities. ABSA Network’s mission also entails cooperation among Muslim students from around the world, especially North America, and will Insha’Allah be an excellent platform for students to build and grow new friendships; free from prejudice, racism and discrimination.


ABSA Network aims to increase Islamic awareness among the students and to inspire more engagement in Islamic activities in their universities, most important to teach them the appropriate conduct of a True Muslim so that they may lead a healthy life based on the moral/ virtues of the Prophet (saw) and his beloved family.


How it Works?
Our website aims to become a source of inspiration for our affiliates and thus boost morale. It is meant to create an appropriate space for them to share experiences, successful or otherwise, and receive feedback when appropriate. To this end, student groups can showcase their past events and completed programmes so that others may emulate and/or expand upon them with as little effort as possible and thus create a wealth of modules for future affiliates to draw from. In this way, we will actively be supporting those existing groups that are looking for ideas with well-delineated action items. Also, we want to make it possible for our affiliates to hold similar events synchronously and thus create momentum with longer-lasting effects on their campuses and society at large.

This world-wide movement will be also used to provide sets of FAQs that the college student demographic would find useful, especially in the age group and the kind of social context they find themselves in at this pivotal point in their life. We want to make a forum available for our affiliates in which certain common issues can be discussed and/or debated as well as relevant ideas and experiences exchanged. We will supply up-to-date lists of recommended (re)sources in English that individual student groups can consult and/or purchase for their own activities. Also, we want to make possible the live broadcast of certain events, such as guest lectures held by individual student organizations, or annual Muslim/themed conferences, such as those organised by the students, which can be of benefit to all.